Russian Volume Lashes

Natural Volume Lashes:

Russian Volume Lashes are where we build a number of ultra thin, ultra light weight lashes into a fan, we then apply a fan to each natural eyelash. The Eyelash Extensions used for Russian Volume have been developed and engineered over time to be the lightest weight and most flexible lashes on the market!

We offer a number of different Styling Options for our Russian Volume Lashes so that we can cater for everyone!

Our Natural Volume lashes are exactly that, Natural Volume! This is where we’ll build fans of 2D, 3D up to 4D lashes and gently apply them to your natural eyelashes! This is designed to create a soft, subtle look to gently accentuate the eye.

Glamour Volume Lashes:

If you’re looking for a little more drama, our Glamour Volume may be for you! Glamour Volume are where double the size of your fans! We’ll apply between 4 – 8 Extensions to each natural eyelash. This is designed to give you a beautiful pop of darkness around your eyes and create a more noticeable, dramatic look! Suited for everyday wear, our Glamour Volume are designed to define the eye!

Mega Volume Lashes:

These are our thickest most voluminous lashes available! Using lashes that are only 0.03 of a MM, we can create big, fluffy fans that’ll change your life! Mega Volume is a luxurious, exclusive treatment that requires intense training prior. Mega Volume Lashes can last up to 6-7 weeks if properly cared for. Due to the larger nature of the fans, when your lashes begin to shed, the remaining lashes will cover over any gaps that may appear – making your lashes seem fuller for longer!